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iHome HPL12

iHome HPL12iHome HPL12iHome HPL12
iHome HPL12



Radio Reloj Despertador, Cargador iPhone Lightning, Cargador USB 2.1A, Bocinas de Alta Fidelidad, Reproductor de Música por USB y Lightning.


iHome HPL12

$84.64 USD + IVA






Made for Hotel

  • Single Day Alarm
    prevents your previous guests unwanted alarms from sounding
  • Wake to your iPhone, iPod, FM radio or buzzer
  • Gentle Wake Alarm wakes sleepers up gradually with increasing volume
  • USB port to charge and play music from legacy and new iPad/iPhone/iPod
    cable not included, guests can use their own cables.
  • PLL tuning
  • Easy-to-set alarm with printed instructions on cabinet
  • Display of radio frequency/ volume level
  • 12/24 hour display modes
  • High/Low Volume limiter for large or small rooms
  • High-fidelity stereo drivers in specially designed Reson8 speaker chambers
  • Snooze button
  • International radio frequency step adjustment
  • Back cover prevents tampering with time settings
  • Battery Backup (batteries included)
  • DST switch for automatic daylight savings time adjustment
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